Otto Fabricius Photography

Nature and landscapes have fascinated me since my early youth in Sweden and Denmark. I still remember my Kodak Brownie and how I searched for pictures in the subjects - with a growing awareness of the difference between the two.

From the beginning of the 1960s a Voigtländer camera (still working!) served me well for twenty years, a period with many experiments and kinds of photography. Travel, nature, fashion, weird lightings, obscure motives, b&w, color…

My urge to see things through a lens never left me, and when I retired from a career in advertising and marketing I decided to seriously study and develop my photography. Over the years it became a passion for me – now it is a condition.


Since 2003 I have lived in the south eastern corner of France, between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. When I move  around in the mountains I have to restrict my photography. It is all too easy to end up with thousands of “postcards”. But as a Dane from a flat land in the North one is overwhelmed by these mountainous landscapes in all their drama and beauty. And now, when I look at landscapes in Denmark I tend to experience them in other ways than I did before. But where ever I am - it is always the light that matters most. 

The project “Between Heaven and Earth” is from the south western corner of Denmark 1). It is an area with a unique sky, light, land and water which every time make me see it differently. Even if it may be frowned upon in certain circles the representation of landscapes in painting and photography never seems to weary.

It is not easy to say what attracts me in a landscape, a potential not always evident, sometimes not clear until I am working with the picture. It can seem dreamy or even surrealistic – some say we see our inner landscape, a mirror of our own inner reflections? The landscape picture as a self portrait? Perhaps. I develop relationships with my preferred spots, and it is my hope to share that by showing them.

The project "Quatre saisons à La Tour" was exactly that: During 12 months in the village and its surroundings I immersed myself in the character and the feeling of the village and its  relationship with the surrounding landscapes and mountains. 2)    

Fading Flowers and Nature Morte

How beauty develops in time is an ongoing project where my close encounters with flowers have revealed more than I expected and continue to fascinate and challenge me. I wanted to go beyond the obvious and proud beauty of young flowers – and to show the beauty of age… The representation of fading is also part of the old tradition of still life (nature morte) - with its symbolism and more or less hidden references. Maybe we more than ever need to be reminded of the transience of life - and the beauty of decay.  3)            

1)  Gallery Straedet, Moegeltoender, Denmark, 2013. An early part of it was shown in a gallery in Vence in France in 2006.

2)  La Salle Calabraglia, La Tour-sur-Tinée, France, August-September 2015. 

3)  Miszczyk's, Nice, June 2019. 

       The Swedish House in Cagnes-sur-Mer, Villa Ingeborg, Dec-Jan 2018-19. 

      The Déclics Nicois photo festival in Nice Dec-Feb 2021-22

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